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What Was the First Recipe You Mastered?

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Kitchen Talk (First Recipe)

We loved reading the comments in last week’s post about favorite cookbooks. There were so many stories, not just about the cookbooks but where you got them, why they were your favorites and how you so lovingly shared the recipes with others.

Let’s continue the trip down memory lane and, this time, let’s get even more specific. For this week’s Kitchen Talk, we want to know:

What was the first recipe you ever mastered?

Every cooking enthusiast starts somewhere. My start came late, when I was in my twenties, so for me, the first recipe I truly mastered was kalbi, or Korean short ribs. (Apparently, I started late but I didn’t mess around.) It got to the point where my cousins would drop by the house 2 or 3 times a week for a midnight snack dinner of ribs, rice, and Caesar salad. My dad would get out of bed because of the commotion, find us all seated at the dinner table for a full meal at 12:30am, shake his head and go back to bed. To this day, it’s still one of my favorite things to make.

How about you? What was the first recipe you mastered, or the one that truly became your signature dish? Was it your mom’s recipe for pancakes? Cookies that everyone started asking you to make for them? Those ever-so-light biscuits you learned from your grandmother? Come tell us your story! And if you’ve posted the recipe here or elsewhere online, feel free to share the link, too!



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Avatar of Gigi Cooks

Gigi Cooks on 4.15.2014

I was trying to impress a new boyfriend and decided to make lasagna for his birthday. I made it from my Betty Crocker Recipe Cards! Remember those? I had the harvest gold file box! I made that same recipe for many years. A year or so ago I found a recipe for lasagna on Pinterest and tried it – wow – I’ll never go back to the old recipe. Even my kids, who never, ever want me to change a recipe, loved the new lasagna!

Avatar of CodieD

CodieD on 4.10.2014

Chocolate chip cookies for my dad. My mom always burned them or added too much flour. I found just the right balance of chewy. MMM! Now I’m out of practice on that one.

Avatar of Lori @ Closet and Kitchen

Lori @ Closet and Kitchen on 4.9.2014

My mom always made a fabulous turkey chili from a former fellow church member. Her recipe eventually made it from the church cookbook all the way to Southern Living magazine. I posted it on my blog recently – (excuse the pics – not my greatest work!). It’s still my go-to chili recipe!

Avatar of kay43026

kay43026 on 4.6.2014

Since, in my book, eggs don’t count…guess I actually ‘mastered’ 2 things about the same time. I was in high school (a million years ago:-) and decided I wanted to make pizza. You have to realize this was in the late 1960s and there were no pizza places on every street corner…and I lived in rural Ohio where no such thing as ‘delivery’ was even heard of!

My mother only used her few ‘tried and true’ cookbooks, and of course there was no internet. So…the pizza I ‘mastered’ was made from Bisquik where I saw it on the side of the box. Thinking back, it was probably pretty crappy pizza…but everyone LOVED it!! (Thankfully, I have since mastered a wicked yeast pizza dough:-)

I mastered a certain recipe of brownies at the same time. They’re chewy, have a melted marshmallow layer before this ‘to die for’ fudgey frosting. I still make them today. Maybe that’s where I got my passion for baking?!

Of my 3 sisters and 1 brother, I’m the only one that showed any interest in cooking/baking while growing up.

Mary H on 4.3.2014

I think it was a chocolate cream pie with graham cracker crust topped with whipping cream! I remember I was babysitting a lot for family friends & neighbors around the age of 11 — and at one of my favorite places to babysit for — the husband mentioned that he loved chocolate cream pie. I had never had one before so went home, asked my mom about how to go about making one — with her help and directions I did it! I was so proud of myself that I think I made about 4 more pies in the next two weeks!