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Favorite Ways to Use Leftover Ham

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Kitchen Talk (Leftover Ham)

Happy Wednesday! We’re days away from the weekend, and you know what that means? That means many of you probably have a shelf in your refrigerator dedicated to a lovely piece of cured, smoked, or salted meat. It may or may not be scored on the outside, glazed, whole or pre-sliced. These days, it may even be made of turkey or duck. (We won’t get into the technicalities of what qualifies as “ham” right now, because, well, we’d much rather talk about sandwiches and omelets.) Whichever kind you’re serving, you probably have a lot of it and hopefully, some of it will still be around by Monday.

I say “hopefully” because there are so many creative uses for ham. So let’s talk about all the wonderful ways to use every little bit of that lovely hunk of meaty goodness from this weekend! Tell us:

What’s your favorite way to use leftover ham?

Nanci likes to fry chunks of leftover ham until crisp, then add them to fried rice with some pineapple chunks and a few other veggies. Her husband loves biscuits and ham gravy, which is a thinner cousin to Southern cream gravy with sausage. (Her tip: Ree has a great recipe for ham gravy.)

Lamentably, I will not have any leftover ham because my husband doesn’t do pork. (Sing a sad song for me, friends. A woeful dirge with bursts of pained wailing.) Growing up, Serrano ham was our family’s ham of choice and we rarely had any left over. But when we did, I loved it on pizza, in wraps, and the bone gave deep flavor to soups. Sometimes, we’d caramelize slices of ham with just a hint of butter and sugar, and enjoy that over garlic fried rice. (Sniff. I need a dirge encore, please.)

Betsy says, “We love ham and eggs in this house, and my favorite scramble with leftover ham is Ham, Spinach, and Gruyere.” Sounds perfect to me.

Now it’s your turn! Do you have any favorite ways to use ham? Maybe a killer sandwich concoction or loaded mac and cheese extravaganza? Share your ideas with us below!



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Jo Ann P on 4.18.2014

One of my favorites would be ham jambalaya…brown rice, onions celery, green pepper, garlic, chipped ham, tomatoes, pimiento, red pepper and Worchester sauce….to die for.

DebbieK on 4.18.2014

I love, love, love homemade ham salad. If I had a bone-in ham, I would save/freeze the bone to use later to favor a soup or ham & beans.

Susan on 4.17.2014

I love ham and Dave’s pickles with mayo on white bread. Yummy!!! Sweet and salty.

Beatrice K on 4.17.2014

Ham and beans with cornbread (baked in cast iron skillet)!

Elana Cantu on 4.17.2014

My husband came up with our own personal Croque Monsieur sandwiches! Put ham (thinly sliced) with some smoked gouda cheese in thinly sliced french bread. Melt REAL BUTTER in a cast iron skillet AND oh so slowly grill them in the pan! MMMMMMMMMM!