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Let’s Talk Cookbooks!

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The other day, I decided to tackle the task of organizing my bookshelf. Growing up, my shelves used to be filled with all kinds of books on philosophy, theology, military intelligence groups, and every single one of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novels. Strange child, I was. Fast forward a few decades and now my shelves contain books covering only two major topics, with more than half of the shelves dedicated to cookbooks.

Discovering a great cookbook is, for me, like finding treasure you never even knew was out there. Some of my most loved cookbooks are the ones recommended by friends, and a few are even written by friends.

Finding treasure is always a fun activity, even better when we all can share the rewards. So let’s go hunting! Tell us:

What are some of your favorite cookbooks?

And by favorite, I mean the ones with the dog-eared pages, or with 36 makeshift bookmarks sticking out of the edges. The ones with pages wrinkled from water splashes, translucent blobs from oil spills, and hazy colored spots from “something or other, just please let it be clean.” The ones with creased spines from repeated photocopying because you just had to share a copy of it with your mom, sister, aunt, and that nice lady you always see at the library who said you had a lovely smile.

The books on my shelf are always happy to welcome new friends. So come share your favorites in the comments below!



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Kathryn on 4.2.2014

I started with Betty Crocker in high school. L O V E Pioneer Womans books. Several of my neighbors and sibs cook out of them too. Homesick texan is pretty great and I just bought Trisha Yearwoods cookbook. I want normal food….and food thats ACTUALLY healthy wouldnt hurt either. Everybody has their own spin on healthy ;)

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AngAk on 4.2.2014

my old Betty Crocker and Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks are the ones I go to for any kind of basic recipe or reference. I have an old Fleishman’s yeast pamphlet book that I got in college(late 70s) that has the best T&T bread dough recipes, and several Sunset cookbooks from that era as well. for newer books, I love my Ina Garten cookbooks and for beautiful reading and pictures the New Recipes from Quilt Country by Marcia Adams. I can sit and read that one like a novel.

Ellen@BakeItWithBooze on 4.2.2014

From Amish and Mennonite Kitchens and the U.C. Davis Coffeehouse Cookbook. Probably the first cookbooks I learned about baking and casseroles.

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Shawna C on 3.31.2014

The Joy of Ginger ( is a good one, but sometimes hard to find.

A favourite from my childhood was Love at First Bite by Jane Cooper ( I still get a kick out of reading it, even if I haven’t made anything from it in a long, long time.

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Lisa Edwards on 3.30.2014

I watched the movie “The Sweeter Side of Life” on tv today; I was wondering, has anyone ever found a recipe for the “Paddycakes” that the main character made to make her bakery popular? They look so good–thanks for the help!!!
Lisa E.
P.S. I’m sorry if this isn’t the place to ask–just a relative newbie to this site!