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Let’s Get Organized

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Let's Get Organized!

Spring is in the air, which means my cabin fever will soon be replaced with spring cleaning fever. And I think it already started the other day, when I spent 2 hours freshening up our laundry room, followed by another 3 hours rearranging things in the closet that houses all our cleaning stuff. (And now I know I have enough Swiffer sheets to last me until the next Olympics.)

Next on the list is the kitchen. And whether it’s for the pantry or the fridge or the cabinet underneath the sink, I think we all would love to hear new ideas on how to keep our kitchen stuff nicely tucked away. So tell us:

Do you have any favorite organization tips?

I, for one, love Mason jars. Love them and I’ll use them any chance I get. I even use the small sizes to portion out snacks for myself on my desk, so I don’t accidentally go overboard and polish off an entire bin of roasted cashew nuts. But I’m always looking for suggestions on how to keep my freezer organized, and I’m constantly muttering under my breath when I grab a pan and 5 pot lids shift and bang around the shelf.

How about you? What are your favorite ways to stay organized? Any tips to share? Or do you have any special organization or storage challenges you’d like help with? We’d love to hear them!



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Londra Fleming on 3.28.2014

Laundry, I LOVE to do laundry!

Sarita on 3.18.2014

I think the best way to organize is to declutter. I’ve been decluttering for about 5 years – yes, it can take awhile but I am now on a “list” for all the charities that pick up in my area and I have a charity box that I regularly make a “deposit” to so that they can be picked up by the charity when they come around.

Also I have 3 bathrooms and I have cleaning products stashed in each bathroom to make cleaning the bathrooms less of a chore – I hate cleaning bathrooms.

Christine on 3.15.2014

The chore I don’t mind the most is laundry. I actually like having all of the clothes sorted, washed, dried, smelling good, folded/on hangers, and put away for the upcoming week. Makes me feel settled in a sort of odd way.

Avatar of C. L. ( Cheryl )  "Cheffie Cooks"  Wiser

C. L. ( Cheryl ) "Cheffie Cooks" Wiser on 3.14.2014

As a weekly grocery shopper remembering what you have is key in a pantry or refrigerator, freezer of which I have each, plus my memory is pretty good. As most people, I will purchase BOGO on frequently used items and store in see through containers. My freezer is an up-right one and I can easily recognize the frozen products. I use a meat market and some meats are vacuumed packed for freshness, others labeled. My spices (jars) are in alphabetical order on a shelf in my pantry. Hope this may help! Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! CLW

AJ on 3.14.2014

My label maker is my secret organizational weapon. It prevents family members from disrupting my efforts and eliminates the time I have to spend reorganizing and restoring order. Pictures are useful if you have little ones who aren’t reading yet. I also found labels to be a great tool when I was teaching my kids to read.