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Share Your Kitchen Mishaps!

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Kitchen Talk (Kitchen Mishaps)

It’s been quite a winter for many of us: storms, blizzards, arctic winds, freezing rain, and just about everything the season can throw at us. I’m telling you, it’s enough to bring on a serious case of cabin fever.

I thought we could all use some cheering up, and today’s Kitchen Talk will hopefully do just that. After all, laughter is the best medicine, right? (Or was it chocolate?) Our group therapy session starts right now and all you have to do is tell us:

What’s your most memorable kitchen mishap?

And by ‘memorable’ I mean worst, funniest, weirdest, or “so absurd it crosses into the realm of awesomeness.”

My story involves an aborted meal, destruction of beloved bakingware, and the possible inhalation of toxic fumes. How does one achieve that kind of widespread destruction? Just hurriedly stick a pan of lasagna into a hot oven and wait until an unholy smell permeates the kitchen. Then remember with horror that the pan was still tightly covered with plastic wrap. Not only will you manage to ruin dinner but you’ll also have to toss out the glass pan (who knew that stuff would be impossible to peel off?) and leave the house until that awful burnt-plastic smell dissipates.

Nanci’s mishap happened just this past Thanksgiving, when she painstakingly prepared turkey soup with the leftover bird. She put everything into the electric roaster, cooked it for about 6 hours, then put it out in the 20ºF night air to cool overnight. In the roaster. Which happened to be quite insulated. In the morning, she found still-lukewarm soup waiting for her, which she sadly had to discard.

Betsy shares, “I stuffed ungodly amounts of potato peels in my dad’s garbage disposal and broke it one Thanksgiving when my only responsibility was the potatoes. Shining moment.”

We all have our own shining moment and now we want to hear yours. Come on, we’re all friends here. Share those stories with us!



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Avatar of beverlyb

beverlyb on 3.21.2014

Several years ago I was making a pie where you put everything in a blender, then pour into the pie plate. It makes it’s own crust and everything. It was just about full, when I could tell it was leaking at the bottom of the glass container. Before I could do anything, the bottom fell out of the glass container and all of the ingredients with it. I had glass, and milk, and coconut, and eggs splattered all over the floor, counter top, my recipe book and me! It took me a year before I could make that pie again, but I have and it is still a good recipe!

Bonnie from Louisiana on 3.11.2014

My son was in High School at the time, back in the late 90′s. He asked me to back some cookies for a fund raiser they were having for their Prom. Sure, no problem. What kind would you like me to make? Oh, those Oatmeal Scotchies you make would be great!.. Ok.. Got everything together, made the dough, scooped the amts on to one sheet, put it sheet in the oven. Was filling up the second sheet, when someting caught my eye.. The inside of my oven was filled with flames. On closer inspection, what used to be neetly placed mounds of cookie dough had turned into this melted mass of goo that was dripping off the sheet and onto the bottom of my oven, and then catching fire. Looked lovely really, like looking through a glass fireplace screen at a lovely fire. Tasted the dough, and realized that i had not only fogotten to put in the oatmeal, but had only added about half the flour. Was enough to resemble cookie dough, but not enough to withstand the heat for baking. We laughed untill we were crying.. And what a mess to clean.. I stll tell that story.

Avatar of Cathy Mackay

Cathy Mackay on 3.7.2014

I’ve had quite a few disasters in my life, but there is one that my family love to bring up time after time – it always provides a lot of laughter. I cooked the most fabulous beef mince curry which the whole family thought was delicious – hey they did, no really they did love it – it wasn’t till much later my mother asked me which mince I had used. After telling her I had used the mince that was in the blue packet, she informed that I had used the cat mince!!!! Of course all the complements went out the window and everyone was going ooh, yuk. Hey, but it wasn’t really my fault – my mother didn’t tell me which one was the cat mince and which was for people. I’ve improved since then – mostly – but I still have the odd disaster

Sid's Sea Palm Cooking on 3.3.2014

I’ve had a few, ummm, adventures in the kitchen. The first time I roasted a turkey and didn’t get the paper bag full of giblets and heart out of the neck cavity (I didn’t know they hid them there), and discovered them as I carved the turkey in front of some friends who I was trying to impress. I search every cavity on the bird now. Have never found a bag hidden in the neck cavity since.
A few months ago, just before a houseful of guests arrived for our monthly Tapas gathering, I placed a ziploc bag full of seasoned flour right onto a hot element on the stove. And when I realized I’d done so, I jerked the bag off in a hurry and managed to spread seasoned flour all over the freshly wiped stove, the still damp freshly mopped floor and myself in my black shirt and pants. And the lovely burnt plastic smell in the air did not help. I managed to get it mostly cleaned up just as the first guests were arriving.
A memorable evening, but not the right way.

Tabitha on 3.2.2014

We were making bacon wrapped jalepenos for New Years eve a couple of years ago. Stuffed them with cream cheese, wrapped them in bacon and popped them in the 450 degree gas oven. 15 minutes later we realized we had used a completely flat cookie sheet when the inside of the oven caught on fire, filling the house with smoke. No biggie, really. Just leave the door closed and shut the oven off until it goes out, so that’s what we did. Went to clean the oven, caught on fire AGAIN because of all the bacon grease in the bottom. The topper, ended up in the ER with my 1 year old with a case of croup because of the smoke inhalation:(