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It’s Pancake Day!

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: It's Pancake Day!

The day before Ash Wednesday is Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Tuesday. It’s also called Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras) in some regions of the world, but for some reason that phrase makes me giggle. Or defensive, depending on how many helpings of mac and cheese I just had.

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Lenten season, a time associated with abstinence, penance, and reflection. So Shrove Tuesday was a last hurrah of sorts, kinda like polishing off the rest of that chocolate cake late Sunday night before starting a Monday diet. (Not that I’d know anything about that.)

It’s fairly easy to see the connection between the festivities of Mardi Gras right before the start of a season of ritual fasting. But what does all this have to do with pancakes in particular, you ask? Traditionally, the list of foods restricted during Lent included animal products like milk, butter, and eggs. Hmmm. Let me see. What can you make with milk, butter, and eggs? (Other than scrambled eggs or souffles, smarty pants.)

Tasty Kitchen Blog: It's Pancake Day! (Traditional Pancakes)

Fluffiest Pancakes Ever by Sips and Spoonfuls Perfect Diner Pancakes by aspicyperspective Pancakes That Will Melt in Your Mouth by sweetsimplestuff Classic Dinner Pancakes by Lindsay

If you’re planning to give up chocolate for Lent, you might want to let pancakes do double duty and use up your chocolate in the same dish, too. And if you’re not giving up chocolate for Lent, that means you can make these everyday! (And then please invite me over everyday. I promise I won’t call you smarty pants again.)

Tasty Kitchen Blog: It's Pancake Day! (Chocolate)

Chocolate French Silk Pancakes by HowSweetEats Oreo Pancakes by forevernowandthen Chocolate Chip and Candied Bacon Pancakes with Nutella Maple Syrup by Kelly @ Evil Shenanigans Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Glazed Pancakes for One by Lauren Chocolate Chocolate Chip Wheat Germ Pancakes by 4littlefergusons


While we’re at it, why not go for broke and make pancakes decadent enough for dessert? Pancakes that taste like cookies, cake, pastries—we’ve got your sweet tooth covered. (I’m coming over for these, too, okay?)

Tasty Kitchen Blog: It's Pancake Day! (Dessert Versions)

Tiramisu Pancakes by ivoryhut Cinnamon Rum Raisin Swirl Pancakes by sprinkledwithflour S’Mores Pancakes for One by Lauren Granola Pancakes by Chelsea Jo Brown Cake Batter Pancakes by HowSweetEats Gingerbread Pancakes by A Cozy Kitchen


If you’d rather go a different (and less sinful) route, how about some berries and, say, ricotta cheese or cottage cheese? If you haven’t tried ricotta pancakes yet, you gotta. You just gotta. Ricotta pancakes are moist and tender, and they go really well with berries. Or lemon. Or a side of bacon and sausage, for that matter.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: It's Pancake Day! (Ricotta Pancakes)

Lemon Cottage Cheese Pancakes with Strawberries by twopeasandtheirpod Lemon Ricotta Souffle Pancakes with Berries by Laura@SweetSavoryPlanet Basil and Chocolate Chip Ricotta Pancakes by Laurie {Simply Scratch} Blueberry-Lavender Ricotta Pancakes by Natalie (Perry's Plate)

For those feeling a bit adventurous, take a walk on the wild side with some non-traditional pancake ingredients. Spelt flour, oatmeal, protein powder, and even avocado—they all get their turn on the griddle.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: It's Pancake Day! (Non-traditional)

Protein Pancakes or Waffles by Foodologie Oatmeal Pancakes by abicyclebuiltfortwo Chocolate Avocado Pancakes by Jennifer | Mother Thyme Coconut Pancakes by missamy Spelt Pancakes with Berries by Climbing Grier Mountain

Speaking of non-traditional, you can swap out that main pancake ingredient—wheat flour—and make gluten-free versions, too. Almond flour is a good substitute, and so is coconut flour. And if you do try a coconut flour version, don’t wonder if the flour measurement is off. Coconut flour is so high in fiber and absorbs so much moisture that you only need a bit of it to prepare your batter. You can experiment with other nut flours, too!

Tasty Kitchen Blog: It's Pancake Day! (Gluten-free)

Silver Dollar Pancakes by elanaspantry Coconut Flour Pancakes by Gina Gluten-Free Rainbow Pancakes by With Style and Grace Perfect Gluten-Free Blueberry Pancakes by Alyssa Rimmer Coconut Flour Paleo Pancakes by Lea Valle

(Note: the coconut flour pancakes on the upper right corner are not gluten-free because they contain spelt flour.)
And finally, we have German pancakes, also known as Dutch babies. These are cool to make with the kids, who’ll get a kick out of watching the pancake inflate in the oven.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: It's Pancake Day! (German)

Caramel Apple German Pancake by everydayisgourmet German Pancake with Berries by twopeasandtheirpod German Pancake by SweetandSavorybySarah German Pancakes by elduerden Baked German Apple Pancake with Nutmeg & Ginger by cookincanuck

Whatever you call them in your neck of the woods—hotcakes, flapjacks, crêpes, Bismarcks, griddlecakes—pancakes are definitely one of breakfast’s top comfort foods. They’re much more than just a way to use up pantry surplus, though I’m happy to have any excuse to serve pancakes all day.

Do you have any favorite pancake recipes? Secret pancake tips? (Here’s mine: I like frying pancakes in a bit of extra oil, which makes the edges extra crispy.) Share them with us!

Happy flipping, everyone!



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Robin on 2.25.2012

Hubba hubba!

Lisa Neary on 2.23.2012

Oh how we love pancakes at my house. The kids request them at least once a week and I’m always happy to oblige, especially when they want them for supper. Doesn’t get much easier, or cheaper. We often have blueberries in the pancakes and maple syrup on top with eggs scrambled with cheese and bacon on the side. I can omit the bacon and have a handy dandy meat free lenten supper without anyone complaining. What’s not to love? Thanks for the yummy variations. Definitely trying some of these!

Marilyn on 2.22.2012

I also like mine cooked in extra oil for crispy edges! I do that to my eggs also.

Nichole H on 2.22.2012

Thanks for giving a nod to gluten free pancakes. I’ve been making the recipe out of Elisabeth Hasslebeck’s Deliciously G-Free cookbook. Before that, I used a box mix which was quite expensive. If not for gluten free pancakes, I never would have discovered that gluten was what was making me sick for so long. It’s a long story, but I owe it all to pancakes. ;-)

Jenn on 2.22.2012

It’s paczki day in my corner of the country! Mmm… these pancakes all look fantastic though!

Mandi C. on 2.22.2012

I’m not big on syrup, but I love pancakes! I dress my pancakes up with a small sprinkling of mini chocolate chips, chopped pecans and coconut while they are cooking! So yummy and with just a little bit of butter on top, and you feel like you’re eating a candy bar!

saffron g on 2.22.2012

These are NOT pancakes, they are Scotch pancakes, completly different.

A normal pancake is not as thin as a French Crepe and not as thick and stodgy as a Scotch pancake.

Profile photo of Jayme C

Jayme C on 2.22.2012

Oh wow! I’m excited to try some of these. My pancake recipe is pretty tired these days, any one if these would be guaranteed to sweeten things up a bit!

Laurie {Simply Scratch} on 2.22.2012

Love pancakes! They all look AMAZING!!

The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh on 2.22.2012

Nothing likes wanting to eat my weight in pancakes! They all look equally delish!

Susie on 2.22.2012 England where my husband is from, Pancake Day means European pancakes..crepes! When we were first together, it always drove me nuts that I’d get crepes instead of pancakes..but 20 years later, we make crepes for pancake day! Last night, the boys had nutella crepes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and my daughter had sliced strawberries with homemade vanilla yogurt. Yum!

Melissa Schmidt on 2.22.2012

It’s pancake day in other ways too. There is an international pancake day race between my hometown of Liberal, KS and Olney, England.

Profile photo of callimakesdo

callimakesdo on 2.21.2012

Oh my! All the sudden I am starving. That is one of the yummiest looking roundups ever.

Noel Harris on 2.21.2012

I’ve heard about your PW Sour Cream Pancakes! Where is that recipe? =)

Jody on 2.21.2012

I like to separate my eggs and beat the whites to stiff peaks before folding them into my batter. It makes for an extra fluffy and delicate pancake!

Laura P on 2.21.2012

I love pancakes and have adapted and created multiple gluten free versions. Not to be persnickety but the Coconut Flour Pancakes listed under the gluten free paragraph are not safe for a GF diet because of the spelt flour.

    Profile photo of Erika (TK)

    Erika (TK) on 2.21.2012

    Thanks for the catch, Laura! Added a note below the collage to be safe.

Becky in Texas on 2.21.2012

LOVE pancakes! I made pumpkin gingerbread pancakes this weekend — I used a combo of molasses and maple syrup to top them off. I’m still thinking about them! I’m interested in the ricotta pancakes — they look yummy!

Shaina on 2.21.2012

You forgot Johnny Cakes! Also known as corncakes. These are like moist, sweet cornbread in pancake form, only better. mmmm… There was a time where I had these at least once a week.

Danielle C on 2.21.2012

I have been wanting to try the dutch baby and now I know I have to. Yours look delicious. Plus I have inherited my grama’s well-seasoned large cast-iron pan that she got when she got married in the 1950’s. Perfect for this special treat. Thanks for posting!

Yogamama on 2.21.2012

A diner I like to frequent has pancakes the size of dinner plates! I have a weakness for blueberry pancakes, YUM! Happy Mardi Gras everyone!

Profile photo of Natalie | Perry's Plate

Natalie | Perry's Plate on 2.21.2012

Great round-up!! Thanks for including my Blueberry-Lavender Ricotta Pancakes! *Off I go to whip up a batch of hotcakes for the kiddos…*

Michelle on 2.21.2012

Oh my goodness! I don’t even know where to start! I want them ALL! Great round up!

Profile photo of Lauren's Latest

Lauren's Latest on 2.21.2012

I want to try ALL of these!

Profile photo of twopeasandtheirpod

twopeasandtheirpod on 2.21.2012

I want pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!