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Looks Delicious! Banana Bread with Streusel Topping

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Looks Delicious! (Banana Bread with Streusel Topping, recipe submitted by Laurie McNamara of Simply Scratch.

This isn’t an effort to woo Ree over to the dark banana side. But if this doesn’t help, I don’t know what can. Tasty Kitchen member Laurie shares this incredible-looking recipe for Banana Bread with Streusel Topping and oh, this bread has so many good things going for it.

First, she roasts the bananas. That step alone sold me. Then, she ups the ante and makes a streusel jazzed up with walnuts and cinnamon. Hungry yet?

I made the mistake of visiting Laurie’s blog Simply Scratch on an empty stomach. By the time I got to the photo of the still-warm slice of banana bread with the butter melting on it, my tummy made a noise I once heard while hiking in the woods.

The ingredient list is fairly simple and if you have bananas and some walnuts (or even pecans) handy, chances are you have all you need to make this. If you do, don’t forget to invite me over!

Thanks, Laurie, for the wonderful, growl-inducing recipe!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!



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gorpImpaimi on 5.31.2011

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Maria on 4.19.2011

Made this last night, my husband is convinced that I made banana bread “laced with something addictive!” I had to ad-lib some of the ingredients, specifically substituting some butter for applesauce because I didn’t have enough for a double batch I had already started. And I had no walnuts for the struessel topping, but everyone (myself included) loved it!

Ricki on 4.11.2011

I just made this and followed the directions exactly and the middle of mine did not cook at all hopefully it wont burn while i try to cook it longer :/

Claire on 2.14.2011

Made this yesterday. It is delicious! Brought some in as a Valentine’s gift for my coworkers – they are loving it. I think roasting the bananas gives it that edge over other BB recipes. Thanks!

Diane on 2.12.2011

Just whipped me up a banana bread for my Valentine…

Linde on 2.11.2011

Just printed this, making a run to the grocery for the supplies, can’t wait!!

Profile photo of inthekitchenwithdinah

inthekitchenwithdinah on 2.11.2011

I made this last night as I had three ripe bananas beckoning me to do something with them. The bread rose almost over the top of the loaf pan, it was a good thing that I used parchment to line my pan because it helped the streusel topping to stay on. It was very yummy and enjoyed this morning for breakfast. Love the streusel topping!

Shirley Ann on 2.11.2011

When I make my banana bread I make a peanut butter streusel wonderful banana and peanut butter..

Shanna Watson on 2.10.2011

HHEELLLLOOO Dolly! you had me @ Banana Bread :)

Diana K. on 2.10.2011

I was planning on making banana bread and was just about to search online for a good recipe when I decided to stop by PW first, and look what was on the home page! This looks absolutely amazing and I cannot wait ito try it :)

Profile photo of freckles2stars

freckles2stars on 2.10.2011

Just what I need on this cold morning with my coffee. I always have banana’s hanging out in the freezer, in their skins, for just such a recipe. Now off to make the topping.

nichole on 2.10.2011

The pictures are so amazing-I can not wait to make this!

Profile photo of warmvanillasugar

warmvanillasugar on 2.10.2011

This looks so good. Streusel topping is always a good idea!

lauren in arkansas on 2.10.2011

I made this last night and it was AMAZING!!!! Love Love Love the streusel topping!

laura @ alittlebarefoot on 2.9.2011

genius to put streusel on banana bread! i love it.

Happy When Not Hungry on 2.9.2011

Wow this looks delicious! I love the streusel on top too!

Vicki B on 2.9.2011

I found out by sheer necessity that when ripe bananas are called for and there are none to be found, putting them in the oven and baking for awhile turns them nice and mushy and brown. But watch out for the liquid.

DebraG on 2.9.2011

I just made a double batch for the family tonight. It rose out of the pan and I couldn’t get the struesel topping on it. Even without it, the family gave it rave reviews. My daughter who hates bananas even ate this with a smile!

Profile photo of andrea96

andrea96 on 2.9.2011

I have been craving banana bread since yesterday. I just made it, and it is delicious!

Profile photo of twopeasandtheirpod

twopeasandtheirpod on 2.9.2011

I want a slice now!

Profile photo of EatLiveRun

EatLiveRun on 2.9.2011

Wow, this looks fabulous! Never met a banana bread I didn’t like… :)

Kendra on 2.9.2011

I made a muffin version this morning. The streusel topping absolutely makes this recipe!

Brenda on 2.9.2011

i agree! you can’t get through without making an emergency grocery list!

Lauren at KeepItSweet on 2.9.2011

Roasting the bananas is such a fantastic idea!

Jodie ( on 2.9.2011

Love banana bread! And streusel topping? Genius! I have never ventured past my coffee cake with streusel topping!

I’m thinking I should use it on more seeing how delish this looks!

lori on 2.9.2011

LOVE banana bread and this just seems like an awesome idea!

Heather (Heather's Dish) on 2.9.2011

this takes regular banana bread up a notch…love the streusel addition!