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We Love Pie

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: We Love Pie

Ready for more pies?

Here’s an unusually-named but amazingly good Bob Andy Pie from ThreeManyCooks. See their blog for the heartwarming story of how a hospital wait gave Pam her new favorite pie recipe.

Then we have a Toll House Cookie Sundae Pie from taracooks (here’s her original blog post). I could stare at this pie all day. It’s like being wrapped in a warm blanket of chocolate and cookies. Which is always a good thing.

Finally, that pretty in pink pie is Tracy’s Pomegranate White Chocolate Mousse Pie. See her blog Sugarcrafter for step-by-step photos.

Enjoy these pies, and keep those recipes coming! We’re loving all the new pies!



Comments are closed for this recipe. on 11.20.2010

Thanks for the shout out about the Tollhouse Cookie Sundae Pie! It’s been a fun week and we’re still making pies here today.

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kitchenma on 11.18.2010

Toll House Pie all the Way!! Yummmm!

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TheMenuMama on 11.18.2010

Wow, all of these pies look amazing! I am intrigued by the Tollhouse pie though. Chocolate chips cookies and pie all in one? Sold!

Deerokc on 11.18.2010

Loved loved loved the Thanksgiving throwdown with Bobby Flay last night. You made Oklahoma look really great! Thanks so much. Your pecan pie looks awesome and like you I much prefer the chopped pecans vs the halfs. Will you, can you, please share the cream whiskey sauce you served with your pecan pie? That put you WAY over the top.

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on 11.18.2010

gimmi that piece % )))