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Pie Week

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Pie Week

Tasty Kitchen is joining the Pie Week fun with some lovely pies of our own!

What is is about pie? There’s nothing prettier than pie. A pie says home. I wish I invented pie. (Now it’s my turn to say name that movie.)

Here are just a few of the many pie recipes you lovely folks have shared with us here. Did you know that there are about 28 pages of pie recipes in here? That’s a lot of pie.

First up is a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie with Streusel Topping from Melanie, who blogs at My Kitchen Cafe. Scrumptious!

Next to that is barefootbelle’s Buttermilk Sweet Potato Pie, which I can’t wait to try. See her blog post for more photos of this yummy pie.

Then we have a decadent Peanut Butter Pie from mcmom, who blogs at Let’s Dish Recipes. Trust me, it’s a winner.

Finally, A Cozy Kitchen gives us this rich, creamy Blueberry Cream Pie. You can see their blog post here. Oh my.

We’ll be sharing more pie recipes with you throughout the week, and I’ll be shopping for more stretchy pants by next week. In the meantime, join the fun and tell us: do you have any favorite pies? Share them on Tasty Kitchen; we’ll be featuring them all week!



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Lana on 11.20.2010

Th Waitress.

Billie on 11.19.2010

I just like… even the word.. pie.

Robin on 11.19.2010

Crazy me, but I needed something to balance out my sweet tooth and still have PIE! So, here it comes
Empanada Style Steak and Potato Pie I’ll submit the recipe to our community soon!

Patti on 11.18.2010

Here’s one that isn’ t your normal lemon pie – it’s Lemonade Pie – yummy!

Jann on 11.18.2010

Michael….loved that movie!

Mary on 11.18.2010

The consensus seems to be the movie “Michael” but my first guess was the same as Janelle’s – “Waitress.” If you haven’t seen Waitress, give it a look- it’s a surprisingly good movie.

My favorite pie is my daughter’s lemon meringue pie. I love the combination of citrus against the rich buttery flavor of the crust.

It’s 9am in New York and now I’m craving pie. I’m hopeless.

[email protected] Plate on 11.17.2010

mmmmmmm I love pie! Cakes and cookies are great…but pie! flaky yummy sweet crust, filled with sweet or savory, its all good… Meringue pies are my own specialty… Looking around for some new filling ideas..This is gonna be fun

janelle on 11.17.2010

Jenna from “Waitress” played by keri russell.

Chrissy on 11.16.2010

My favorite pie is this Amazing Apple Pie!

Chell on 11.16.2010

Didn’t Andy McDowel say that line in the Michael movie?

My favourite is home made apple pie with ice cream.

Profile photo of callimakesdo

callimakesdo on 11.16.2010

I love pie of all sorts. In fact, we served pie at our wedding, my husband and I love it so much. I’ve posted my Chocolate Pecan Pie, which has got to be my favorite for Thanksgiving. The key is to use really good chocolate! I love Pumpkin too of course, just plain delicious pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top.

Shelley-Bob on 11.16.2010

“Michael” …great movie, then somebody else quoted “Top Gun”…Ree you’re rubbing off! :) I just made an apple pie last night. I don’t use egg in my crust though, but I do use ice cold water…learned that here on The Pioneer Woman! I don’t even like fruit pies but I make apple for my boys but my specialty is Pecan!!

Lola on 11.16.2010

My, oh my…I do love pie! This is a great theme for this week. A favorite? Maybe raspberry…or peanut butter…or key lime. I could never pick. :-)

Profile photo of sweetcaroline

sweetcaroline on 11.16.2010

Pie, Pie, I love Pie! -Love that little diddy from “Michael” and sing it often! :)

laura @ alittlebarefoot on 11.16.2010

yum, pie! i am making a chocolate cream pie for a work party this week.

Vickie R on 11.16.2010

Michael (the movie) for sure. I was trying to remember the song the other day. Love pecan pie best !!

Patti Rabbit on 11.16.2010

My go to quick to make pies are pecan pie and egg custard pie. You don’t even have to get out the mixer. You just stir them up, pour them into a crust & bake. Love both. But, then I love most pies.

Dede in Guthrie on 11.16.2010

#1 pie in the world is Lemon Meringue, followed closely by Coconut Cream. I will have to try the Peanut Butter one and see where it fits in to all this pie talk. YUMMY!

Profile photo of Erika (TK)

Erika (TK) on 11.16.2010

And LindseyNicole wins the prize!

There are so many wonderful pie recipes here and we’re excited about showcasing them this week. I’ll have to make sure not to browse those 28 pages of pie recipes on an empty stomach. I don’t think my stretchy pants have reinforced waistbands.

Profile photo of tjbaker

tjbaker on 11.16.2010

My favorites are Toll House pie without the nuts and a decadent chocolate silk (mousse) pie. The second one is so rich, one piece of it on Thanksgiving and you don’t have room for any of the other pies.

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ashelina on 11.16.2010

I’ve gotta try that Blueberry Cream Pie! And the Peanut Butter Pie!

Profile photo of Cathy Bray

Cathy Bray on 11.16.2010

Thank God for Peanut Butter Pie!!!!!

MOV on 11.16.2010

Pie Week! There is a God! Can we combine this with the dual holiday of Ice-Cream Week? Or is that just pure hedonism?


Profile photo of DeliciousWordflux

DeliciousWordflux on 11.16.2010

hummm, wonderful! I love apple pie, but some of these are going to my recipe box as well. Yummy!

Clayvessel on 11.16.2010

May the pie be with you!

javiera isidora on 11.16.2010

the two from above looks delicious ! yummy!!!!!! i`m gonna check the recipes on the blogs!

Amie on 11.16.2010

I’ve made the blueberry cream pie half a dozen times over the last couple of months. It’s so easy and out of this world delicious. You must try it. If not for you then for something you love.

Suzanne @ Window On The Prairie on 11.16.2010

I’m making a Homemade Apple Pie this week, and will post it on my blog too. Suzanne

Heather (Heather's Dish) on 11.16.2010

give me pecan pie now or lose me forever ;)

LindseyNicole on 11.16.2010

Michael? (the movie)

Jessica @ How Sweet It Is on 11.16.2010

Oh how I love peanut butter pie!