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Looks Delicious! Apple Cider Doughnut Holes

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Looks Delicious! (Apple Cider Doughnut Holes, submitted by TK member Tracy of Sugarcrafter)

It’s apple-picking time again and Tasty Kitchen has been getting so many wonderful apple recipes. We’re loving it! Know what else we love? Apple cider. Cold, hot, spiced … it’s all good.

Apple cider in doughnuts? Even better.

As soon as I saw these little devils from Tracy (Sugarcrafter), I’ve been wanting doughnut holes pretty much every day. You remember Tracy, don’t you? We featured her here before, and she’s been busy adding even more deliciousness to her recipe box. We love her.

Thanks, Tracy!

Do visit her food blog, Sugarcrafter, for more recipes from this lovely lady. Then prepare yourself for the onslaught of yumminess!

(Sorry. I get a bit carried away when doughnuts are involved.)



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Laura on 10.28.2010

Yum! @ Recipe Choreographer – you should check out for her adaptation of a nutella doughnut recipe to gluten free. I tried it and it worked just fine so I’d think you could sub a gluten free all purpose flour and some xantham gum here as well. Good luck!

Ashley on 10.25.2010

Are these cake-y or fluffy? Just want to get my taste buds anticipating the correct flavor!


DK Stangeland on 10.24.2010

Made these tonight for Pumpkin Carving Night with the family. They were DELICIO-SO! I highly recommend them. And they were very simple.

YUMMY! Thanks for the new family tradition!

Terri Westby on 10.24.2010

I was looking for banana bread recipes and came across this recipe. I thought, well…I’ve got fresh apple cider and the rest is history. My house smells like no other, the kids and husband have gobbled up too many of these to count! Great recipe for the season and Pioneer Woman’s best banana bread–is really the best!

Aimee from AL on 10.23.2010

Just finished making these and they were as good as they sound!!! My husband is a huge apple cider donut fan and he completely approved…MAKE THESE NOW!!!

Susan W. - MS on 10.23.2010

these sound wonderful!!

Orsetta on 10.23.2010

Your blog is a wonderful discovery! Nice to know you. Skip to us, we offer you a treat from Italy:)

Many greetings Italian

laura @ alittlebarefoot on 10.22.2010

these look amazing. i had apple cider donuts for the first time in vermont a couple of years ago, and there was no turning back.

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Wenderly on 10.22.2010

Heavenly. That’s really all that I can muster…I’m on my way to shove something *anything* sweet into my mouth to satiate my craving, for the moment, until I can make some of these.

Profile photo of melodyc

melodyc on 10.22.2010

Mmmmm, I like that there is cardamom in these! Need to make them!

Heather (Heather's Dish) on 10.22.2010

looks delicious indeed! WOW :)

Sarah B. on 10.22.2010

I *LOVE* apple cider anything, especially doughnut holes. YUM.

jody j on 10.22.2010

Hey! TimBits!!!! mmmmm…TimBits!

Jessica @ How Sweet It Is on 10.22.2010

Have been DYING to try these!

Profile photo of Tracy (sugarcrafter)

Tracy (sugarcrafter) on 10.22.2010

Haha, no problem! Thanks for the mention! :-)

Tabitha (FromSingletoMarried) on 10.22.2010

I don’t blame you – it’s hard not to get carried away when talking about donuts!

Regan on 10.22.2010

These look amazing and I bet they taste even better. I want to make them now!!!!

The Recipe Choreographer on 10.22.2010

This look fantastic! If I was eating wheat, I could eat that whole bowl in one sitting. Anyone have a great recipe for gluten-free doughnuts at home?

Nanette on 10.22.2010

you’re killing me, omg these look good!!!

Jodie on 10.22.2010

Oh my goodness. Today is my birthday, can someone PLEASE make me these!!!! My stomach just rumbled!