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Mixer Winners – And Pancake Redux

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Here are the winners of the KitchenAid mixers.

I can’t thank you all enough for your great feedback; I’ve been reading and taking notes!

Winner #1: Shawn “Tasty Kitchen has been a wonderful resource for finding good recipes to make for our family and for special occasions. It’s very helpful having photos of the recipes for reference. I’m always looking for quick and healthy family meals that everyone in the family will eat.”

Winner #2 Kara: “I heart TK and rely on it more than my cookbooks. If possible, it would be cool if we could have an online recipe box or some way to bookmark. I love the unique names of recipes, but unless you have a better memory than me, they are hard to find again unless you print them right then. An ingredient match would be cool too. Say you enter (chicken, mushrooms, heavy cream) and it matches your ingredients with a recipe that includes those. Hey you said bells and whistles, a girl can dream! Ha, it is already an awesome site!”

Winner #3 Elly: “I am not sure this will help you, but I LOVE the replies from people that have used the recipe and tips given for alternate ways to adjust the recipe. Participation is a great part of this site.”

Congrats, winners! Contact to claim your loot.

Here’s a redux of a pancake recipe from last spring. Perfect for Saturday morning!



Here’s what you’ll need. Nothin’ difficult here!


First combine all the dry ingredients in a bowl.


Then whisk it together until totally combined.


Next, combine the remaining ingredients in a separate bowl…


And whisk them together to combine.


Next, combine the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients.


Stir gently to combine.


Heat a skillet over medium-low heat, then smear butter over the surface.


Use a 1/4 cup measure to drop batter onto the skillet.


Cook until you start to see bubbles. Then flip ‘em over and cook on the other side!


Now, we’ll serve this first batch with butter and maple syrup, of course. Of course.


And when I say butter…I mean butter.


And when I say syrup…


I mean syrup, baby.


Okay, that’s the traditional route. You could stop here and be happy forever and ever.

But “happy forever and ever” isn’t enough for me.

In her recipe, sapeylissy suggests serving these pancakes with icing, recreating the true “cinnamon bun” effect. So I decided to whip up a little bit of a butter/syrup icing.


Throw some butter into a bowl…


Melt it for about 30 seconds…


Then dump in some powdered sugar.


Now throw in some maple syrup. Maple extract would be okay, too.


And some milk.


Then just whisk it together until it’s perfectly smooth and combined. You could also warm this up a little bit before serving.


So ideally, one would place the pancakes on a plate and gingerly drizzle this buttery/mapley icing lightly over the top. But I sorta got carried away and poured a whole tankload on there.




Oops! Sorry again.

I don’t know what came over me.

I really loved both approaches—the maple syrup/butter approach AND the icing approach. I think there wouldn’t be anything wrong with serving both.

Thank you to sapeylissy for the yummy recipe!

Here’s the printable for the pancakes:

Cinnamon Bun Pancakes

Here’s the simple icing recipe:

Maple-Butter Icing for Pancakes

And in case you missed it, here’s Erika’s post on Pancakes, which includes links to many different pancake recipes here on Tasty Kitchen.

The Theme is…Pancakes!



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ron on 11.3.2010

This is probably a dumb question but could I substitute the one cup of milk for one cup of buttermilk? I have buttermilk on hand. Or would that defeat the whole recipe. A male in Dallas

Cami on 10.24.2010

My parents were visiting from Texas this weekend and I brought out this recipe for our Saturday morning breakfast. The kitchen smelled heavenly and we all thought we’d died and gone to heaven when we sampled these pancakes. There weren’t any left – needless to say!! YUM!

Amy Turner on 10.19.2010

Yum-m-m-m! These pancakes are fabulous. Even my 23-year-old son who loves traditional Bisquick pancakes said he has a new favorite. The only change I made was using non-fat milk instead of whole in both the pancakes and the Maple-Butter Icing. I couldn’t tell how there would have been much difference in the taste or texture. They were dEEElicious!

D'Ann on 10.18.2010

Made them this morning…

oh, my stars and garters…!!!!!

’nuff said…

Kayce on 10.17.2010

Being an Oklahoma girl as well there are a couple of things that are important to us and one is Beef the other is Pork. I don’t remember a breakfast without it.

Another interesting take on the for pancakes: Instead of smearing butter on the pan try a little BACON grease. Yes, you read it correct, bacon grease. I didn’t say it was healthy, but DARN it sure taste good!

Ree I’m going to give that icing syrup a try, bet my girls will love that!