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Looks Delicious! Classic Pizza Margherita

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Looks Delicious! (Classic Pizza Margherita, submitted by TK member Jessica of Kohler Created)

Sometimes, all I want is a pizza with simple ingredients. A pizza with classic toppings that uses fresh tomatoes instead of sauce. Whole wheat bread flour in the crust is a plus, too.

This Classic Pizza Margherita from Tk member Jessica looks absolutely delicious, and I really like the addition of ricotta and artichoke hearts, which I think elevates it beyond the traditional basil, tomatoes, and mozzarella combination.

Thanks for posting this, Jessica! See more of Jessica’s wonderful recipes in Kohler Created, where you can also read about her husband Neil’s racing hobby (how cool is that!), backpacking, and gardening.



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melissa on 10.10.2010

I just made this pizza and I made it on the bbq grill! It was really yummy. I was especially impressed with the crust recipie. It will be my go to for pizza crust from now on! Has anyone tried this with feta instead of ricotta? I think I might next time I make it.

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sallyk on 10.4.2010

Pizza Margherita is probably my favorite. I’m definitely a member of “the simpler, the better” club when it comes to pizza.

Vanessa on 10.2.2010

Hi, I’ve been hooked on Pizza since visiting Venice, Italy. The setting just seemed so right there……… but now I find it hard to give them up! I have a Carpal Tunnel problem so for any chopping and mixing jobs my food processor gets another tasking, but a lot of your recipes have me drooling so much I try to choose one with little prep and get it ready in a flash so I can tuck in! I’ll try to visit just AFTER I’ve eaten next time – thanks. Vanessa G

javiera isidora on 9.30.2010

thanks for the answer! love the feedback, and even though the days are shorter and you don`t have the most big kitchen, the photos always looks really beautiful and amazing!

Jessica on 9.29.2010

Hi Javiera,

When we first started our blog, we had both an entry-level Canon and a Nikon DSLR, which served as our own individual cameras before we started dating.

Once we got married, we decided to streamline, and sold both of our entry-levels for what I would consider to be a mid-level DSLR, a Nikon D90. We have two lenses for it, and we’ve shot with both depending on the scene we’re trying to capture. The lens we used in this photo is a portrait lens (I’ll have to ask Neil which one as the name escapes me) and the other is a standard 15-105mm Nikor VR lens.

We have a wish-list of equipment about a mile long but as you can see from some of our shots, our tiny rental kitchen has a huge variance in the type of lighting, which gets worse as the days get shorter, and we desperately need an external flash.

javiera isidora on 9.29.2010

looks delicious, definitely i`m gonna try this one!, i love your blog all sections are inspiring!

a question, you rotate different cameras for your phothos here? or you just use one always?? if you answer me i will be soooo happy :)

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bell'alimento on 9.29.2010

Pizza Margherita is my all time favorite pizza… Delizioso!

Rachel on 9.29.2010

I love this recipe for dough and have used it many times. Their blog is great, you should all check them out!

Christina on 9.29.2010

I love Margherita pizza! I can’t wait to try this recipe! I really love that the crust is whole wheat!

I make a very simple garden veggie pizza that I use. It uses pre-packaged crust but it’s heavenly! Here’s the recipe:

Thanks for sharing!

Jen on 9.28.2010

Thank you, Rachel. I was just coming to comment on that very thing. This pizza does look delish, but a Pizza Margherita it is not!

Andrea (@ Puppy Dog Tales) on 9.28.2010

I’ve never had pizza margherita before. I really need to try it. Your crust looks fabulous…my homemade crust is always so flat!

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DessertForTwo on 9.28.2010

This looks amazing! You made an already perfect pizza even better with ricotta and artichoke hearts! Wow! Can I please have this delivered for lunch? Thanks! :)

Kathy on 9.28.2010

This is my favorite type of pizza!!!!!

Grandma Cindy on 9.28.2010

I must have this pizza! My son will love it too! :)

Rachel on 9.28.2010

This looks very tasty, but is not Pizza Margherita by any definition. Pizza Margherita is made with just tomatoes, basil, and cheese (to represent the Italian flag) and was named after Margherita of Savoy:

Suzanne @ Window On The Prairie on 9.28.2010

I haven’t made pizza in ages. I need to make this. Suzanne

celia on 9.28.2010

Looks good-but it’s not anything like a classic pizza margherita. Why not just call it “whole wheat pizza with ricotta and artichokes”?

karen on 9.28.2010

that looks great. I always have trouble when I try to make my own crust…are you saying that you just mix and use it immediately? No resting or rising? It sure looks beautiful and I am trying to eat only wheat crusts whenever possible.

Sharrieboberry on 9.28.2010

Looks good enough for breakfast.

FunMom on 9.28.2010

I saw this and before even reading it, thought, “I MUST have this!”

Heather (Heather's Dish) on 9.28.2010

oh my goodness, this sounds like the perfect pizza. it’s 5am and i am drooling!

Jessica @ How Sweet It Is on 9.28.2010

Definitely want to put artichoke on mine next time. That sounds really great.

Tabitha (FromSingletoMarried) on 9.28.2010

Oh heavens that’s beautiful! One of my most favorite foods ever!