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Meet Vince

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Meet Vince of Cooking Ventures.

Look, another boy! And this one brought some outrageous Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls with him. Which makes him both incredibly creative and evil at the same time.

I think we’ve waited long enough to be properly introduced to the man behind those decadent rolls. Everyone, meet Vince, known ’round these parts as cookingventures.

One look at Vince’s profile here and you get a sense of how witty and utterly entertaining he is. And that’s only a hint of what’s in store for you when you head over to his blog, Cooking Ventures. He not only shares his wonderful recipes, but he also always has a funny story or anecdote to go along with it. Seriously, it’s slap-your-knee-and-bust-out-laughing kind of reading. You may want to re-think that glass of water while sitting in front of the computer.

Vince is a Kansas native, and is in charge of International Admissions at a large Kansas university. His job has taken him to 42 states and around 25 countries. His extensive travels (and I do mean extensive—over 1 million miles of air travel around the world so far) means he gets to try a wealth of international cuisines, which he then loves to adapt using ingredients readily available in most grocery stores. He particularly loves Asian cuisine, and says that although he has been to Asia more than 35 times, he always learns something new every time he goes. Fortunately, we benefit from that too. Just look at some of the wonderful dishes he’s brought to Tasty Kitchen that in some way have been inspired by his travels to Asia.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Meet Vince of Cooking Ventures (Asian)Clockwise from top left: Lemon Garlic Chicken Wings from one of his many flights to South Asia, Teriyaki Beef and Ultimate Cheese Bread inspired by trips to Japan, Garlic Fried Rice from his first trip to Asia, Hong Kong Potato Roll Thingies that have a hilarious I-lost-my-shoe-and-now-it’s-on-an-escalator story attached to them, and Asian Candied Bacon inspired by a trip to Singapore.

Vince says that cooking is his passion. He never cooks a dish the same way twice, and enjoys developing new recipes and putting a new spin on traditional favorites. He does a great job with Mexican food as well, as evident in his Chimichangas Blancas and Tacos al Pastor.

He’s incredibly creative, too. While he is the first to admit that he’s not the best at coming up with recipe names, from his Hobo Bags to a unique Fried Rice Risotto and Roasted Vegetables in a Bread Bowl, his creations are always wonderfully inspired.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Meet Vince of Cooking Ventures.

When asked how he got started in the kitchen, Vince quips: “My mother taught my sisters and I how to cook, and has been criticizing our cooking ever since.” The dishes below are some of his recipes that are inspired by his mom, or creations of his that make her happy.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Meet Vince of Cooking Ventures (Inspired by Mom)Clockwise from top left: Chick-n-Caboodle, Budget-friendly Goulash, Killer Meatloaf with Sweet Barbecue Sauce, Sicilian Butter, Cabbage Slaw, and Walnut Frosties that his mom used to make every Christmas.

Now, you must be thinking that surely this man who brought us those chocolate cinnamon rolls must have more delectable sweets for us. And you’d be right, especially considering that his favorite kitchen tool is his KitchenAid mixer. If you’re trying to cut down on desserts, you may want to avert your eyes. I don’t want to be responsible for any sudden loss of willpower.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Meet Vince of Cooking Ventures (Dessert)Clockwise from top left: a mouth-watering Tres Cocos Cake (Three Coconuts Cake), pretty pink Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes, fancy yet easy Peach Tartlets, healthy Figure-friendly No-Bake Cookies that are a hit with his mom and his sisters, and a sinful-looking Peach Ambrosia Pie with a homemade gingersnap crust.

Okay, enough of me talking. Vince should really do most of the talking here, because he’s just so gosh darn funny! Take it away, Vince!

Q: What are your favorite ingredients or food pairings?
A: Onions and garlic. I add them to everything. If I could add onions and garlic to my breakfast cereal without people looking at me strangely, I’d do it.

Q: What is the strangest food or food combo that you secretly (or maybe openly) really, really enjoy?
A: I love to eat saltine crackers with a big squirt of ketchup on top. When I was eight years old, my mother opened my my bedroom door and caught me eating this strange combination. By the look on her face, you’d think I was eating chocolate-covered puppies or something. She always knocked before entering after that.

Q: Okay, what if you had to eat something right now and had only 3 minutes to get it ready? What would it be?
A: Crackers with ketchup on top. Wait. I have 3 minutes. Hmmm, let’s see. Probably crackers with ketchup, mustard, and little relish on top.

Q: Most memorable kitchen flop ever?
A: I made a 3-tier Brooklyn Blackout Cake and had just finished frosting it and coating it in cake crumbs. I picked up the cake to put it in the fridge and the top two layers slid off and landed on my dog, who was taking a nap on my kitchen floor. When the cake landed on his head, it startled him and he jumped up and ran off through my living room. I read someplace that chocolate was bad for dogs and I didn’t want him to lick any of the chocolate off his coat, so I ran off after him screaming “DON’T EAT THE CHOCOLATE!” He was so freaked, he had me chasing him throughout the house. Chocolate footprints were everywhere. It cost me $180 to shampoo all of my carpets. I haven’t made a Brooklyn Blackout Cake since.

Q: Complete the sentence: “I panic when I open my cupboard and realize that I’m out of …”
A: Space. I need a bigger kitchen.

Q: Give us one of your favorite kitchen tips that you wish you’d always known.
A: Chili stains are hard to get out of white socks. Don’t ask.


Vince, you are a hoot! Thanks for answering our questions, and for starting our week off right with good food and lots of laughter.

See more of Vince’s great recipes in his Tasty Kitchen recipe box, and by all means, click on his related blog post links. They’ll take you to his blog, Cooking Ventures, where each recipe post has an accompanying story. He’s had some crazy experiences, and has such a humorous way of writing his stories. And of course, he’s got the great food to back it all up.



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Profile photo of wockycat

wockycat on 3.27.2010

OMG! These look delicious.. Chocolate cinnamon rolls. A chocolate lover’s dream. Keep up the good work!

Traci on 3.27.2010

Love your blog and creations. We could be twins! I’ve got plenty of stories like your Blackout cake recipe. We should swap our disaster stories sometime!! :)
Congrats on your feature.

Profile photo of hollyglen

hollyglen on 3.26.2010

That blackout cake story is so freaking funny! Thanks for the chuckle. :)

Spruce Hill on 3.26.2010

Love all your recipes Vince and am glad to get to know more about you!

Profile photo of sursi

sursi on 3.25.2010

Those walnut frosties look awesome. The fried rice too. I think I’ll make both this weekend.

Sandy ( Your Life, Organized ) on 3.25.2010

Oh my! Could you please come over and make some of those Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls for me!! They look soo yummy!! :-)

Jen on 3.25.2010

Dropping the cake on the dog is soooo something that would happen in my house! I’m looking forward to checking out your blog!

Profile photo of kdavison

kdavison on 3.24.2010

Vince, sorry. I hate when I do that! **your**

Profile photo of kdavison

kdavison on 3.24.2010

I love your blog Vince! You’re recipes for Fried Rice are unbelievable! I’m looking so forward to seeing more from you!

Profile photo of Hazelbite

Hazelbite on 3.24.2010

Congrats Vince on being a featured member! We love Vince recipes in our house. I have virtually every one added to my favorites on TK and still adding. Also, I agree about the blog. HYSTERICAL!

Profile photo of mindydeer

mindydeer on 3.24.2010

Don’t forget his great stromboli recipe! I have a number of devoted fans of my cooking at work and church now that I have introduced them to Vince’s stromboli.

LadyG on 3.24.2010

LOVE this BIO!!!!!! i enjoyed drooling over all the recipes & laughing through the Q&A…on my way to visit vince’s blog!!!!!!!

Profile photo of Cooking Ventures

Cooking Ventures on 3.23.2010

Thank you all for the kind words! You guys are the best! Thank you TK!!!

Profile photo of Noshings

Noshings on 3.23.2010

I like saltines with chocolate chips.

love your recipes, Vince
they ALWAYS come out perfect!

Profile photo of RestrainedChaos

RestrainedChaos on 3.23.2010

Everyone should visit his blog and check out the Klingon Chicken story. I nearly swallowed my tongue laughing.

Profile photo of bjdfh

bjdfh on 3.23.2010

Vince is my favorite TK blogger, not only are his recipes fabulous, but his humor is the best. Thanks Vince for all your great recipes.

Profile photo of 3bakingsheets

3bakingsheets on 3.23.2010

Aha! So you’re the one who lured us with in with those evil Chocolate Cinnamon rolls!

Great Q&A, Vince.

Laurie on 3.23.2010

I have tried several of your recipes already. I have yet to find something I don’t love. Will have to work on making these.

Profile photo of the7msnranch

the7msnranch on 3.23.2010

My life became instantly better ever since Vince posted his recipe for Oven-Baked Curried Chicken.

Profile photo of misintx

misintx on 3.23.2010

Vince is so funny , I enjoy his stories as much as his recipes!

Profile photo of debdaamazon

debdaamazon on 3.22.2010

Vince, congratulations on being featured. You know I’m a fan of your fabulous cheesy garlic rolls. Too bad they were featured too! ;)

Profile photo of lpara

lpara on 3.22.2010

How did I get to this page when I’m trying to fast for yearly doc appt. tomorrow? Vince looks very kewl –I’ll come back tomorrow after the doc tells me to go on a diet and get all those recipes. Heh! Chocolate Cinnamon rolls? Who’da thunk!

Profile photo of emihill

emihill on 3.22.2010

You have me seriously drooling! YUM!

Profile photo of cookincanuck

cookincanuck on 3.22.2010

Reading about Vince gave me some much-needed levity in my day. Great sense of humor and recipes!

Quincy's Keeper on 3.22.2010

Yet another blog added to my list of must reads. It’s great to meet you Vince. Thanks for the future pounds added to my backside. :)

Profile photo of Kristin

Kristin on 3.22.2010

Yay Vince! It’s about time they found you out! All your recipes are my favorites. I’m making your garlic fried rice this week! It’s better than my mom’s “famous” fried rice. Hers doesn’t have garlic in it. For shame.

Memoria on 3.22.2010

He is hilarious!! I love the story about the cake and the dog, too. The chocolate cinnamon roll looks amazing as does everything else.

Profile photo of emilyjean

emilyjean on 3.22.2010

Wow, my husband loves ketchup, mustard and relish on saltines. I never dreamed there was someone else out there who did that!

Profile photo of popeama

popeama on 3.22.2010

I started following Vince’s blog last week and spent one whole day reading through all of his stories and recipes. Hilarious!!! I have earmarked quite a few of his recipes to try and can’t wait to taste them myself.

Keep up the good work, Vince!

Profile photo of Erika (TK)

Erika (TK) on 3.22.2010

Oh my goodness, that Klingon Chicken story was hilarious! And it was good of Vince to qualify that he “rarely” attends Star Trek affairs dressed as Spock. Another one that cracked me up was the story behind his Nacho Cheesy Chili. The two recipes, incidentally, are related by way of one shared bag of Doritos.

Vince has some serious food going on in his recipe box.

Profile photo of Trish in MO

Trish in MO on 3.22.2010

Heya, Vince! I love his recipes, as much as I love his writing! You must read the story attached to, and then MAKE, ‘Klingon Chicken’!

Kristen Plank on 3.22.2010

I’ve been waiting for this interview! I love Vince’s recipes, blog, and his humor. That cake story cracked me up!

Profile photo of Erica Lea

Erica Lea on 3.22.2010

Those Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls look wicked! It was fun to learn more about Vince – great interview!

Julie on 3.22.2010

Oh I love Vince’s blog! It definitely is a hoot to read. And I love to read how he comes up with his recipes. For any of you who haven’t checked it out, it’s a must read!

Profile photo of Carefree

Carefree on 3.22.2010

Haha, that poor dog and such a waste of a cake.

Will definitely peruse his recipes, as those chocolate cinnamon rolls look divine.

Thanks for the heads up!

Kuma on 3.22.2010

Thanks for featuring this guy!! Your food looks amazing and I definitely will be trying some of your recipes.

Hope you get your wish of a bigger kitchen someday!! I am dreaming of cooking in my own kitchen similar to Ina Garten’s.

Kim on 3.22.2010

I will definitely have to add Vince’s blog to my must-read list. I am already drooling over here and have had a few good laughs to boot!

Profile photo of KelMay

KelMay on 3.22.2010

This is my kind of food! Everything looks so good. Can’t wait to make your meatloaf.

Profile photo of Carol

Carol on 3.22.2010

I always smile reading Vince’s adventures…and yes…best not to read while drinking something…..laugh-out-loud reading it is!

Vince, your recipes are amazing and the photos are to die for….how does one pick what to try first….they all look and sound SO GOOD!

What a story about the blackout cake……..oh my! :)

Profile photo of Ree | The Pioneer Woman

Ree | The Pioneer Woman on 3.22.2010

Go, Vince! I’m always excited to see a new cookingventures recipe – I love ‘em. Thanks, Erika, for profiling him this week!

Stacy on 3.22.2010

I’ve tried more recipes from Vince than any other. Except Ree’s of course.

The garlic fried rice is wonderful! I made your two-ply strawberry pie yesterday. One word – yummy! It fell apart which probably was my fault but still yummy.

Profile photo of lcouzens

lcouzens on 3.22.2010

I love Vince’s recipes! What an entertaining interview- I want to read more!

Profile photo of MS Hospitality

MS Hospitality on 3.22.2010

I knew I liked this guy the first time I read one of his recipes! Nice to know more about you Vince! Your recipes are mouthwatering and your photography work is sensational!

Allison112 on 3.22.2010

Oh my word, I’m absolutely droolign, and I haven’t even read the recipes yet. Those pictures are amazing, and I cannot WAIT to try Tres Cocos Cake!

Rachel Hockey on 3.22.2010

great to meet you, vince! and that story about your dog is hilarious… i wish there were pictures!