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Beer Bread

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Cheesy Beer Bread. Photo by Erika of Tasty Kitchen, recipe submitted by TK member BellaDonna.

Hello everyone! I’d like to welcome you all by name, and you know, I probably could. I’ve read through just about every single recipe here at Tasty Kitchen, and I’m telling you, sometimes I wish I could summon memory lapses at will. There are so many wonderful recipes in here that I think I’m good with my meal plan for the next 8.27 years. (I actually calculated that.)

One of the first discoveries that excited me was Beer Bread (look Ma, no yeast!). There are more than a few recipes for Beer Bread here, and they’re all incredibly simple. Using a bottle of pomegranate-raspberry beer, I made mini-loaves of bread in less than 45 minutes. They disappeared in about the same amount of time. I made another batch the next day, this time with cream ale and some leftover shredded cheese. (It was BellaDonna and her Cheesy Beer Bread recipe that made me do it.) Oh my. Adding the melted butter on top really does the trick.

So the next time you’re making some soup or a hearty salad for dinner and forego the bread because you think there’s just no time to make it, think again! Excluding the time spent preheating the oven, a loaf of fresh beer bread can be on your table in about an hour, or less if you make mini-loaves or muffins. Try it!

Happy cooking,

P.S. If you want to peruse the various recipes for Beer Bread here, simply type in “beer bread” enclosed in double quotes in the search box. That gives you results with the exact phrase “beer bread” and will save you from having to wade through other recipes with either “beer” or “bread” in them. Like beer-battered fish. Or bread pudding. On second thought, sometimes wading is good. You just might stumble upon something tempting enough to make you forget what you searched for in the first place.


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momof3 on 4.3.2010

FYI: Most beer is not gluten-free. My parents (both are gf) found some gf beer at our local grocery store. If you are super sensitive, then adding beer would not be the best for you.

Chili Diva on 2.10.2010

I just found this recipe. I can’t wait to try it with my next batch of chili. I know it will be delicious.

Avatar of the country cook

the country cook on 1.25.2010

Once I discovered beer bread, I started playing around with other carbonated beverages (since we aren’t beer drinkers and don’t have it lying around). My favorite is Sprite bread!!! It’s got a slightly sweet flavor and goes wonderful with soup. If you want to fool your friends into thinking they are eating “healthy”, Dr. Pepper (or other dark colored drinks) make bread that has a “wheat” color to it.

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poncacitygal on 1.7.2010

Beer bread is one bread I can say I’m really good at making! I’ve come to the point where I don’t worry about calories, I just consider it as being fiber!

Avatar of MS Hospitality

MS Hospitality on 1.5.2010

Yesterday was Beer Bread Experiments again. I used dry tandoori seasoning in the dry ingredients and sprinkled a Greek Herb blend on top with more tandoori seasoning in the butter. The beer was a really nice Christmas Ale by St. Arnold’s Brewery here in Houston.
OMGoodness! This was the best yet!